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We have made sure that we are able to ensure complete privacy and security for everybody who visits our site. The information that we collect will be used in accordance the following privacy policy. All of the information collected on our website is used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law of Estonia (2008).



The pieces of information that we collect from our customers are: name, email address, correspondence and billing address, contact telephone numbers and payment card details.

This information is always voluntarily provided to us and we will never collect any information from our customers without their consent.


How we use your information

The information that we collect is used to process our customers’ orders and to make sure that their transaction goes through successfully. We may ask our visitors for additional information that we will use for marketing purposes and to ensure that we are able to improve our service when necessary. All of the information that we collect is done with complete consent from our visitors.


We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to third parties without our customers consent except where it is necessary to carry out our customers' instructions (to process payment information, for example)



Because we are committed to making sure that our customers are able to have complete security and peace of mind we have put in place procedures in order to ensure this. The information that we collect from our customers are held securely in accordance with the law, and our own privacy policy. Our website also uses security software to make sure that our website is as safe as possible for all of our customers and visitors.



A cookie is a file that asks permission to be placed on your hard drive. Cookies can be used to track each individual website visitor’s preferences once they enter in to a site. Cookies are used to help analyse website visitor’s preferences and we use cookie trackers in order to make sure that we can improve the way that our website functions. There is no way that a cookie can be used to receive any personal information.